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A Low Cost Repair Option

You may love your current vehicle but find that age and wear has finally caught up with it. The motor simply isn’t running properly and needs either major repairs or replacement. A cost effective alternative to a new engine replacement is to purchase and install used engines.

A used engine is typically taken from a similar vehicle which may have been involved in a crash. In may cases the engine may be in very good shape as it came from a vehicle with low mileage.

This engine can be removed and cataloged by an auto salvage company. There are many companies which enter detailed information about the engine into a national database. In this way you can search for exactly the right engine you need.

There are many places you can search for used parts on the Internet. Do a Google search and you can most likely find many excellent sources. You can enter the vehicle and component you are searching for.

The system will locate the engine you desire and then retrieve information on it including mileage, condition, components included, and usually many detailed pictures. The listing will show where the engine is located and the cost.

It may also tell you if the engine can be shipped and what the charge would be for that. You do have options in searching to narrow down the available choices. For example you may only want to consider auto salvage dealerships which are located within a specified distance from your home.

In this way, you can probably pick up the engine and avoid high shipping charges. You can also narrow down the search by quality ratings, mileage, etc.

Another great place to look for used engines in eBay. Many individuals and dealers advertise used automotive parts here and you can most likely find just what you are looking for. If the engine is sold on an auction basis, you can hopefully buy it at a great price versus a fixed price auction or sale.

You may also find used engines for sale at relevant forums. Depending upon the type of vehicle you have, there may be some excellent forums dedicated to these vehicles. The site may include postings of people selling used parts which can certainly include used engines. If you are careful and know what you are looking for, you may be able to save a good deal of money from a private seller.

The used engine normally comes with a limited warranty of 30 – 90 days. Therefore it would probably be best if you can view the engine yourself before you purchase it as well as any used transmissions for sale you are thinking of buying. In any case once you do so, it can be installed and you should get your vehicle’s performance back to where it was.