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Transmission of vehicle works to allow GEAR Shifting and thus controls the movement of the vehicle. Learning how to Install, Repair, and Replace the Transmission is an ‘’ IMPERATIVE for those who depend on their trucks for Significant Professional, Personal and Livelihood Use, and also for those Who Undertake long journey regularly.If your truck is putting out anything over four hundred (400) Horsepower, or you do a lot of four -wheel -drive-offroading, you’re going to have to start replacing some of your transmission’s weak links. Like for example Diesel transmission (originally destined for use in gas engines) have a fluid pump that was designed to work at higher RPM, and are almost certainly running below optimum pressure, they need to be replaced by a purpose built unit ,like those made by DTM as experienced by many concerned vehicle owners.

Consider replacing the transmission’s input shaft, main shaft, four -wheel --drive-out put shaft ,oil accumulator and servo with billet steel units .A reinforced race- spec torque converter with furnace-brazed fin construction should be considered a requirement for anything over four hundred (400) horsepower .Shift kits are the most popular upgrade for truck transmissions, these KITS come with carefully calibrated parts that replace those in your transmission‘s valve-body, to enhance shift firmness and speed beyond what a Re -Programmer can. The Shift Kits major advantage is that it raises your transmission’s fluid pressure mechanically, which holds the clutches tighter and can prevent slippage. To Install a Shift Kit, drop your transmission’s oil pan, remove the oil body and modify it according to the Kit’s instructions. This is a delicate procedure and is best left to those with certain expertise of a Qualified Mechanic. The best step in increasing your used transmissions for sale performance is to install New Performance Clutches and Pressure Plates. This requires removal of the used transmissions and almost completes disassembly, so Clutch Replacement is not for beginners. Large truck transmissions have decent clutches and bands from the factory, and generally handle more than three hundred fifty (350) horsepower with little more than a Shift Kit without slipping.

Advice by some QUALIFIED MECHANIC,’’ If you do replace the Clutches yourself, invest in an instructional video for your exact Make And Model, and enlist the assistant of a friend experienced in Transmission ‘s Building and Rebuilding Final Reminder To All Vehicle Owners , You Know What’s Best For Your Car/ Truck!!!.